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Crane work to remove a broken, fallen tree off of a customer's home.

The most important point on your checklist is that you be protected from liability should a company employee, or anyone else be injured on your job. Beware of some tricks that many tree companies employ to fool you into thinking they have valid tree care insurance that will protect you.

Here are some tricks, which if used, will not give you any protection, and leave you liable for any injury or death of any workers:

  • They will show you a copy of their insurance, but it may be canceled.
  • The name on the policy will be different to the name of the contractor on your contract.
  • Your contractor will have a valid insurance policy, but the coverage may not include tree service, because the so called tree service contractor has declared himself to be a general contractor, in order to escape the high cost of tree service insurance. General contractor insurance is much cheaper. The problem is that the insurance company will not cover you once they discover that a contractor whose main business is tree service makes a claim.

Crane work being performed by Redfern Tree, Inc. on a 200 year old oak at Ansley Park

We take business seriously. We strive for excellence. All personnel have strong work ethics and only the best are hired. Mediocrity is not accepted from anyone, both office staff and field staff.
Price is always a big factor, but remember, there is always a trade off between price and quality. Frequently, what appears to be a good deal ends up being much more expensive in the long run. It is very important to know what standard you are buying, what you are getting in terms of standard of workmanship, and level of skill. We are sure you want the best workmanship, most skilled, and dependable service you can get. We at Redfern Tree Inc. will provide all of this, as we always have and always will. We also hope that our prices are at a level you can work with.

In conclusion, Redfern Tree Inc. intends on making every project a pleasant and trouble free experience for you. We have excellent references, and copy of insurance policies available at any time. We are a long time member of the Better Business Bureau. If we can help you in any way, feel free to contact us at you convenience.