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Since 1984

Tree Service Equipment


Redfern’s Tree Tools to Get the tree removal Job Done

RedFern Tree Services provides different tree care services like:

  • Tree removal;
  • Pruning & trimming;
  • Stump removal;
  • Emergency tree service;
  • Tree preservation;
  • Storm damage;
  • Crane rental;
  • Mulch supply;
  • Fertilizing;
  • Commercial Land Clearing;
  • Tree planting;
  • Firewood.

Our professional crews use different tree service equipment, suitable for the job.

Listed below is the tree service equipment available onsite for our customers to complete the work. All of our equipment is owned and operated by Redfern Tree Service, Inc. By providing this list, customers will get an idea of what to expect to show up at the job site.

Different jobs require different equipment like:

  • Professional Tree Trimming Tools and Equipment,
  • Stump Grinding Tools and Equipment,
  • Pruners, and
  • Tree Climbing Equipment.

Tree and stump removal is a process that should be left to the professionals. So many things can go wrong if not done correctly including damage to property and life.

Our Professionals are insured and trained to take on tricky tree removal situations. We have the proper tree equipment to ensure that a smooth, accident-free job is done. It is important to hire professionals that are insured, trained and specialized in tree removal techniques and stump grinding.


Crane work to remove trees from a difficult area.

Crane work to remove a broken, fallen tree off of a customer's home.

90 ton crane work to remove a tree from a difficult space in the back of the townhomes.

Small dingo machine used to remove logs from the back of the property where access with equipment is minimal. Here you can see that Redfern lays plywood to protect the lawn.

Chipper tuck with name well displayed.

Log truck that uses the boom/grapple to remove logs from the property.

Chipper trucks with company name well displayed.

Chipper trucks with company name well displayed.

Redfern Tree Service removing a stump.

Crane work being performed by Redfern Tree, Inc. on a 200 year old oak at Ansley Park

90 ton crane work to remove a tree from a difficult space in the back of the townhomes.




Redfern Tree Service is a fully licensed and insured tree care company with an honest and professional reputation, that has been in business for over 30 years. We are The Professional Tree Service Company specialized in both residential and commercial tree care services. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed in all tree and landscape work that we provide. We will gladly give you references from customers in surrounding Atlanta neighborhoods. Our goal is to build the kind of trust that keeps clients coming back year after year.

As a true Arborist, Azur Osmanbasic, the company owner, is a proven tree professional. He has a passion for trees and is very hands-on in running the business. The owner, not a salesperson, actually speaks to you about the service you need. We have the experience and equipment to do any size job – even the large and most difficult ones.

For any tree care services, call us for a free-onsite estimate at 770-518-0633.