Doing your tree trimming in the fall before rough winter weather sets in can greatly reduce a tree’s risk of damage or destruction. Avoid emergencies of fallen tree limbs in a winter storm by removing dead, diseased, and broken branches. Fall is ideal because as the leaves go dormant, its easier to spot hazardous branches that need to be removed and assess the tree’s safety.


Remove branches that could fall and cause injury or property damage and remove crossing and rubbing branches. Trim branches that interfere with lines of sight on streets or driveways.  Trimming and pruning encourages a tree to develop a strong healthy structure, new growth, and reduces the likelihood of damage during winter freezes and severe weather. Trimming increases tree strength by eliminating weak branches, controls shape, adds aesthetic quality, and improves line of sight.


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Tree Trimming Tip: Remove diseased or insect-infested wood; thinning the crown to increase airflow will reduce some pest problems. Trim branches that rub on your house or roof; this reduces mold and mildew buildup and also helps prevent squirrels, mice, and similar pests from getting into your home.