Firewood should be properly seasoned. What does that mean?

Microscopic tubes carry water from the roots through a tree. When a tree falls, the water movement stops, but the moisture remains. Dry wood in which all of the moisture has evaporated is the best for burning. If you try to burn wood that is not completely depleted of moisture, the heat produced will attempt to dry the wood before putting any remaining energy into actually burning it. This results in minimal heat output and increased creosote buildup.

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Identifying seasoned wood is not an exact science but there

are some common characteristics to look for. Seasoned wood is lighter given that it contains less moisture. It contains more splits and cracks and makes a dull “thud” when knocked against another piece of wood. The best way to identify it is seasoned is by keeping track of its age and exposure, which Redfern Tree Service does for you! Seasoned wood ignites quickly, lasts longer, and burns better.

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Store seasoned firewood properly without a tarp but away from extensive exposure to moisture. The tarp blocks sun and wind, both of which promote natural evaporation. If possible, keep the wood elevated. A protective shed that allows for air circulation is ideal. Now you know what to look for in the wood supply before you write a check for that cord of firewoo

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